welp, so much for daily doodle

So much for the daily doodle. I suppose it could get boring after a while, eh? Just doodle after doodle after doodle? 365 of them? I'll just try to get something up daily, and it'll probably come out about the right amount, knowing my track record. Maybe I could call it a weekly doodle.

Reading, writing, and commenting on blogs can really eat up your time, can't it? Not to say I don't love it, just an observation.

I'll post a doodle today if Ollie takes a nap.


plugalong said...

Don't give up already - it was only 6:45 am! You never know what the day may bring, besides, a daily doodle skipped now and then is not failure, just reality (esp. with jobs and family).
I agree, blogging and reading takes a lot of time - one positive about babyhood: when at times they are only happy being held and nursing you might as well sit at the computer while you can't do anything else. Although typing one handed can be a bit of a pain.

megan said...

I'm still going to try! I had actually been up since 3:40, and was about to try and scan some things and post them, but decided it might be wiser to try and get a little sleep. :)

True dat, about having the wee babes around. And typing one handed.

Thanks for being my captive audience, Monica. ;)