back to doodling

Thought I'd get back to posting some doodles. This is the back of a Ward Directory that I was doodling on (yes, during church) in 2005. The ward is probably 70% different now then it was then. We were brainstorming ideas for cards to "announce" that we were expecting. It was before we knew we were having a boy or a girl. Ah, I was so innocent and idealistic then. Now I'm just jaded, so if I were to create a similar announcement card these days, it would probably be a lot different!

If I recall correctly, I think we went with the very last idea at the very bottom of the page. Heh. We're crazoweirdies. (For you, Mollie's mom, ala Nikki.)

happy birthday yesterday, mom

So I was lucky enough to get a scrumptious chocolate orange cupcakes recipe from Melanie, who is starting her own cupcake business! I made these cupcakes last night for me madre's birthday. I wasn't able to get the correct ingredients for the frosting, so I just made the same kind for both the chocolate cupcakes and the cotton candy cupcakes. They turned out delicious. How could they not, when they have the word "scrumptious" in the title? Thanks for sharing with me this time, Melanie!

family reunion

I suppose I fancied myself a photographer. Well, it's humbling to find a photographer I am not. But we do have a wad of photographs not only to prove that, but also as a bit of a record of our trip together. This is just a selection of the many photos. Someday I'll post some more or figure out how to make and post a slideshow while simultaneously doing dishes and laundry, attending to Ollie's every whim (what a pill the last few days he has been!), and finishing every painting I ever owed anybody, keeping up on the news, living green, preparing sharing time and making sure Ollie doesn't eat junk. All without losing a stitch of sleep.

Wish me luck. Heh.

the last of the chores

I know, it's getting kind of old, so I'm just going to post the rest of the batch now.
There are a few that are lost, like, "scrub tub" and the big "vacuum" (Ollie's toy vacuum actually does pick a tiny bit of dirt up, heh). And I realized I also don't have the big odious chores, like, "Clean Refrigerator" or "Clean Porch/Entryway/Door" or "Clean out and Vacuum and Wash Car." I suppose I have to break those big ones into little steps, too.

more chores

(I had to put something fun to do in there!)

(The "wee" trash just means the "little" trash. When Ollie first started talking he would use the word "wee" for something small, and use the sign for "little" at the same time. It was very cute.)