baby shower

I threw my first baby shower this past weekend. It was a crazy day because we had a primary activity right before, so I ended up with about an hour before the shower to clean house and prep food. But at least all of the food had been obtained before, phew! I'd love to say it was a smashing success, but disappointingly, it wasn't. Only 3 of the 18 people I invited showed up. Is it me? It's me, isn't it? I was left with a TON of food. That cheesecake? Was still as you see it on Monday. I'm not a big fan of most cheesecakes--preferring the homemade pudding type to the baked type--but I know most people love cheesecake, so I got one. I didn't care for any, and apparently nobody else did. Not my family, not Kevin's family. I finally pawned it off on mom to take to her co-workers.

I borrowed a bunch of serving dishes from Kevin's mom, which made a huge difference in the presentation, I think. And the cupcakes! My friend, Melanie, the award-winning cupcake expert, was kind enough to share a couple of recipes for cupcakes with me. Pictured here are her cotton-candy cupcakes, which not only look fabulous, but are also delicious. Thanks, Melanie! I also made the lemon chiffon cupcakes, but it was after the fact, just my family enjoyed those ones, but they were equally, if not more, delicious. These had no problem disappearing.

I also included the digital invite that I had to throw together rather quickly. (Don't mind the blurry scribblies though. I thought it was best to do that with sensitive info. You know.) It was fun designing again. But that's probably because it was for something fun, and I could do whatever I wanted. If anyone needs a digital invitation, let me know, I'll be happy to have a shot at it.


Melanie said...

Grr. I hate when you go to all of that effort and no one shows up. It happens to me all the time. I'd chalk it up to it being summer, honestly. It's totally not you.

I am so glad the cupcakes turned out well! They look gorgeous! & the invitation is beautiful, as usual. You need to design invites and announcements as a little freelance project. . . You're so good at it!

plugalong said...

I agree with the invites and announcements thing - you should totally do that.
I think your shower looks beautiful!
You know I did a basket sales party thingy before - no one came. So I know how you feel. Probably everyone was busy or space cases like myself, or feeling to shy or inadequate that day, you never know!