I hate the TV

I have a love hate relationship with the TV. I love it when I want to actually ACCOMPLISH something, and I can plop Ollie in front of it and actually string a few thoughts together and perhaps finish the dishes or laundry in peace. But I also HATE that I actually DO that. I hate that the first thing Ollie does when he wakes up is demand to watch something on TV and turns the TV on. Couch potato at age 3. Nice. I hate that by the end of the day all I want to do is sit in peace cause I feel so tired, and so the temptation is there again to put a movie on so I can actually sit and rest.

I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't really watch much television or movies, much to my husband's disappointment. Honestly, people say they don't believe people like me when they say they don't watch TV, but I am, I am weird like that. Admittedly, I do like to tune out and escape(see paragraph above) and I do enjoy watching a movie to accommodate that desire, but I can do that just as easily with a crossword or novel.

I just hate the tv. LOATHE ENTIRELY. and wish that it had never become such a huge part of ollie's childhood.