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P & P revisited

Last week I read and finished Pride and Prejudice again. I read that Stephenie Meyer loosely based Twilight on Pride and Prejudice, and so I wanted to revisit one of my favorite stories. I did enjoy it--however, I was surprised that I didn't love it as much as I remember. I think it had to do with the fact that after I finished it, I flipped back to the front and read the little--well, it was actually kind of long--Introduction. The critical essay thinger that they always put in the front of classical literature, you know? Well, it kind of ruined the book for me, and I kind of wish I hadn't read it at all. Before, it was just a lovely love story, you know, and "friends become enemies, enemies become friends," the whole sweet deal, heh. But now, after reading the introduction, it's not a love story at all but a bitter irony playing out Jane Austen's (the ironist) rage. Peh. Why'd I have to go and do that?

P.S. Kevin made me an awesome mixtape for Twilight. It's like an awesome "soundtrack" for the book. It's called "Twibute" and I love it, thanks Kevin!