this blog is on hiatus

I have descended into my own personal hell. I know plenty of people who have had it so much worse than I have it, right now, so I do feel like a spoiled brat/wimp/woos/pussy/dirtball. But for me, I am in hell, and until I can dig myself back out somehow, I'm putting everything in my life on hold. As you've probably already noticed, I haven't posted in a while. And after I got your hopes all up (and mine, too) with the promise of painting proccess posts to come. Well, rather than continue to disappoint you with never posting, with maybe a hint of a chance that I might post sometime (that is, if anyone has even come back here to see) in the near future, I'm just going to put this blog on hiatus until Oliver's first birthday. So come back on September 10, if you want, and I promise I will post that day and let you know if the painting/blogging thing is back on. Best wishes to you all, have a great summer. Stay cute and cool!