the irony and another doodle

Yay, Ollie is taking a nap!

This is the irony: I'm currently starting to read a book about meditation for mothers, and I'm in the chapter on mindfulness. And here is the passage I had to go back and start reading over again, oh, I don't know, perhaps seven times, because my mind was wandering and the thoughts were clamoring:

"Mindfulness saves energy and time. With poor concentration, we need to repeat some of our actions because we didn't perform them mindfully the first time. An unclear mind may cause you to forget where you put things, why you came into a room, whether you locked the car, even your train of thought mid-conversation. Mindfulness counteracts absent-mindedness and cultivates mental sharpness."

Heh, I might add that an unclear mind often requires me to go back and reread a paragraph seven times before I'm finally present and paying attention.

And here is a post from a loose piece of paper that was stashed in an old sketchbook from around 2000-2001. I'm not quite sure when I drew this because I hardly ever dated anything. The next few daily sketches are going to be from this sketchbook. These will be just straight, raw sketches, with no clean-up or touch up. That's just a little disclaimer that my perfectionistic little self had to put out there.

(I think if you click on it you can open it a little larger)


plugalong said...

So can you be mindful just by being mindful? I thought it was genetic. I do that sometimes too, but it is a lot worse when I do it when I should be listening because it is harder to go back and 'reread' without offending someone by showing you weren't listening. I really do want to know what was said, I just don't always follow it the first time around...

smellame said...

ditto Monica. Good thing Ryan is patient with me that way. I always have to stop him midway through something and admit that I haven't really "heard" anything he was saying. He doesn't even get annoyed and doesn't seem to mind having to repeat himself most of the time. And, me gusta this doodle. It feels meditative to me.