baby signs

Within the last week or two, Oliver has been using about six signs. The first one I recognized was when he was looking at Sandra Boynton's "but not the hippopotomus" board book. The second page is "a cat and two rats are trying on hats" and one day I looked over at him, his little legs crossed, sitting on the floor, book open to that page, patting his head. I immediately said, "That's right, hat!" And he's been signing "hat" like crazy ever since. He now consistently does the sign for ball, airplane, dog, and the sweetest of all is the sign for baby. Maybe we can get that one on video. I'm fairly certain he has been trying out the signs for "sand," "hot," "play." and "help." I'm just surprised that he has chosen some of those random ones, like "hat" and "baby" that I have shown probably only once or twice, and he has yet to do "eat" or "more" or "duck" which I have done probably a thousand times each. But it is so thrilling to me that when an airplane flys over, he will look into my eyes and sign "airplane" and I'll acknowledge it, he'll sign it a few more times and go on about his playing. We just had a "conversation" about an airplane! Amazing. Just amazing.
The picture is just after an airplane flew over head, and he just finished signing "airplane." It was actually a helicopter, I think, but I forgot what the sign for "helicopter" is, and I think it might be confusing to him anyway.

painting update, nearly done

I've just got to paint the yellow lab and do the finishing touches and I'll be done. What do you think?

workin on the chains, chay-eee-ayns.

Man, do I ever hate chain letters. Hate. But here I am, trying to scrape up some names of people to "obligate" to participate, because I didn't have the spine to just say no to the person who sent me the chain letter. Sure, children's books are fun to get, and in theory getting 36 for the price of one is fabulous, but, eh, at the price of annoying 6 other people? Please. And yet, I don't want to let the friend down that sent me the letter and is expecting the books two weeks ago. Ugh.

Anyone care to participate? I don't care about getting books myself, I just don't want to let my "friend" down.

P.S. So, I'm apologizing in advance, if you receive a chain letter. Sorry, sorry! you don't have to do anything with the letter if you don't desire to. I'm just trying to relieve my own guilt here.

It's yer berfday

Happy Birthday, Micquel. I told you I would make you a cake. So when you gonna come get some? :) I don't know where you live or even your phone number, so I guess you might get some belated birthday cake after all, besides, you probably have a HOT BIRTHDAY DATE or something. At least I hope you do, and that you have a very lovely, smashing, delightful birthday. Alas, your teenage partying is over. (It is your twentieth, isn't it? Oh, dear, won't I be embarassed if you are turning twenty-one. Shoot. I think you are. I should have double checked before I made this beyond awesome illustration for you.) Either way, do enjoy your day!

love ya!