and so begins my daily doodle quest

Several months ago Ollie, Kevin and I went to dinner at our friends the amazing Hippens' house. Both Seth and Karalenn are extremely talented, not only with drawing/painting/creating, but musically and well, in SO MANY WAYS I can't even begin. Heh, I don't know why they are friends with us. ;) We sat and looked through each others' sketchbooks, and they asked me if I still draw. And I was sad to realize that I really haven't even doodled that much since Ollie was born. So part of me thought about starting a little project where I would post a doodle a day, whether it was a doodle I doodled 7 years ago or one that I did while eating breakfast with Oliver. Just to get a pen or pencil or whatever back in my hand. So that I can stop feeling sorry for myself that everyone is so much more accomplished and prolific and creative and talented than me, when really, that's not even the point. My house is getting in order, so I can finally start thinking about having them over HERE for dinner next time. But I digress. Here is the sketch. A little background on it, if you're interested, I was just sitting down to start drawing Dal and Heidi for their wedding announcement and was getting frustrated trying to draw grown-ups, and this is a little sketch of a baby that just seemed to pop up. I guess as I was sitting there I was absent-mindedly thinking about all the babies that seem to be making their debuts. (Or at least soon to be). Babies on the brain. Maybe I'll post that pic of Dal and Hi-D tomorrow. :)

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millie's mother said...

wow. i like that baby picture- it's a cutie! i'm glad you're sketching again and that things are going well for you.