how will we ever decide?

After seeing my friend Melanie's son's portraits, we had Mary do our family portrait, and she made us looks fabulous. I really love her photography--beautiful. I'd love to see some of her printmaking masterpieces, as she's also very talented in that area.

But how are we ever going to decide on just a handful of photos? We love every single one she posted on her blog.

And another doodle. It must have been during my lisbeth zwerger phase. I'm still in the phase, it just hasn't manifested itself in any recent doodles because I haven't been doodling:


plugalong said...

I love the photographs, esp. the black and white ones, and the last one with just you and Oliver - that one captures how we see you two a lot!
I wonder what it would take to do photography like that for people, that seems like it could be fun. It's funny because while visiting teaching we talked about some photos they had done by someone who had moved, and that there is no one in the ward that does that now.
I'm starting to believe there are no coincidences.

kidzdilemmas said...

how do you draw like that? I love it! It's really pretty.

Beth said...

Megs, I love every day's doodle! Thanks for posting. They're all great. And your pictures look gorgeous! That's what REAL photography looks like. You're so cute and skinny and Oliver looks like a model!
Way to go, cute family!

inanechatter said...

So adorable!! The photos and the doodles.

Melanie said...

you guys are adorable! I'm so glad you went to Mary. Isn't she great?! So many good choices... Maybe you'll just have to print them all.

smellame said...

I loved every single photo! You guys look so great! And I love the cute doodley-doos too!