gobble gobble gobble

Thanks to my friend Michie, I finally dusted off my running shoes (or rather, referred to them as running shoes, rather than sneakers, heh) and started getting my butt out of bed to get myself stronger for this race.*

Kyle's said he's going to run it with me. Melanie and Ryan said they might be interested in joining us. Any other takers? There are also kids races. Woohoo! You can sign up online here or at Runner's Corner, maybe? I thought there was an earlybird discount, but I'm not seeing it now, so I don't know. I'm registering tomorrow. yes. definitely. Unless I remember I'm a cheapskate and decide to not pay the extra online fee and sign up in person to save a few bucks. In which case I will probably put it off so long I'll have to pay the extra late registration fee. HA. That is so like me.

Also. I have found I LOVE running to Sigur Ros. I never would have thought, but it is absolutely perfect. For me anyway. Thanks, Kevin! So if you see a "waydy" (Ollie's pronunciation of "lady") with a gigantic goofy grin on her face with her shirt on backward bobbing to some music--well, that's me, and if you look away and pretend you don't know me, I totally understand. And if you wave and grin goofily back, I love you forever!

*Note: I will not be racing. I'm just your average middle-aged turkey hoping to waddle to the finish line without any disasters and only a little more huffing and puffing than usual (as it is 4 miles--not the usual 3.1 or 3.2 or whatever it is).

This is not the post that I have been composing/imagining in my head for the last three months. Oh, well. Delusions of grandeur.

P.S. There is also a Nutcracker 5k the next weekend. You can wear a tutu and you get free tickets to the nutcracker. Kids races, also. Anyone want to do that one with me?