So, I've been tagged. Let's see if I can get this done (I've already done it partially and lost half of it) before Oliver wakes up.

Jobs I've held:

1. Fabric girl at Clothworld (currently Joann's)
2. Bookkeeper
3. Deli Girl
4. Newspaper advertising artist/screensaver clean-up artist
5. Illustrator
6. Portrait Painter
7. Graphic Designer
8. Mother
9. And now, in addition to the Mother job--which is full-time--I'm a bagger. Well, the title is Courtesy Clerk.

Movies I can watch over and over:

1.Little Women
2. While You Were Sleeping
3.Drop Dead Gorgeous
4.MST3K the movie
When I was in high school I used to watch Heidi (the one with Maximillian Schell in it) and/or Land Before Time over and over and over again.

Places I have lived:

1. Utah
2. Brazil
3. Washington State
4. Utah

Shows I enjoy:

I love the BBC's Doctor Who. Too bad we don't get it here in the States, we have to wait for last years season to come out on DVD. It's still worth it though, I love it. I usually enjoy the Office, too. And I used to watch all of the rachel ray and alton brown episodes on food network.

Places I have been for vacation:

1. Seattle
2. San Diego
3. Redwood Forest in Cali
4. Denver (if you can count one day on a high school trip!)
5. Disneyland with the high school band
6. England, but I wouldn't call it a vacation, I'd mostly call it a hellish nightmare.
7. Idaho
8. St. George

Favorite Foods:

1. Pretzels from Auntie Ann's, but Pretzelmaker will do in a pinch.
2. Mom's homemade ice cream. And pies. And rolls. And cinnamon rolls. Well, basically, Mom's homemade anything!
3. Chocolate chip cookies. Homemade.
4. I used to really love hummus on a toasted bagel, but it's been a looong time.
5. I used to love Thai until an unfortunate encounter forever has altered my preference.
6. Chicken Tika Masala from Bombay House with Naan Bread.

Websites I visit:

1. all the blogs that are linked on my blog, and a few more. knitting, crafting, and momming sites.
2. imdb and amazon all of the time
3. google and wikipedia
4. orem city library catalog

No nicknames - Nutmeg, Meglet and Meg or Megs are all close to my heart.
I've also been called Megzipan, Megagan, Moogan, Megabutt, Megmum, Megalishus, Megalith, and Martha.

If you read this and haven't already been tagged (I think the five people that read this blog have already done it) then consider yourself tagged. You may proceed. Oh, and let me know if you do, so I can read your blog and learn a little about you.

Bring Mister Rogers Back!

I got up on Tuesday morning and thought I'd look for the upcoming episodes of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Oliver and I have been watching random episodes all summer long. Oliver really likes it, and I really like it. I have no problem letting him watch this program. I have some beef with some other children's programs, but I still let him watch them. Some people may mock and call Mister Rogers corny or boring or annoying, and they roll their eyes, but I like him. I'm so glad Oliver got over his teletubbies fixation (thank heavens that only lasted a week) and started asking for "ahrjers" instead. So yes, back to the point, I got up on Tuesday to look for the upcoming episodes, and Mister Rogers Neighborhood was nowhere to be found on the list. I kept thinking I had made some kind of mistake, and looked three different times (if not more). But, nope, no more episodes. I finally found a tiny paragraph on a wikipedia article that reads, "On September 3rd Labor Day Mr. Rogers will be no longer be aired by some PBS affiliates to make way for the shows Super Why and Word World."

Well, I tell you what, I don't get annoyed at PBS very much, but I'm really annoyed at KBYU and KUED right now. Anybody have any ideas on how I can talk them into putting mister rogers back on the air? Maybe we were the only two people in Utah that watched mister rogers. Sigh. I guess it's pretty likely.