another doodle. Wow, this time it's a SET.

Here's a little group of doodles I found nearer the spine than my scanning skillz can obviously handle. Also, am lazy.

Going from the notes surrounding the doodles, I'm thinking I was doodling during a "parenting" class at education week in 2000 or 2001.


Beth said...

Sorry to comment on every DANG post, but I think the girl wearing the mouse ears looks like you.
Was that on purpose?
Also, someday I'm going to reply to your email...but not today.

plugalong said...

I agree. That totally looks like you. The braid reminds me of you too!

megan said...

beth, please comment on any and every post you please! In fact, thanks for reading and commenting.

The likeness was unintentional.

And no worries on the email.