Flashback Friday

I've been looking through my photo library and finding some little gems that throw me back to some good times, and also some bad times. So I thought I'd start Flashback Friday. Here's the first one.

When Oliver was little, he was VERY demanding of my attention. It was during my depression, and I always felt exhausted, and never felt I had the energy to help him or play with him--poor little guy--as long as he wanted (think about the over and over and over and over and over again of a learning toddler/child) and so the moments that he found to entertain himself were always glorious rest times for me...

Then I would find out, much to my dismay, that usually what he chose to entertain himself with involved making a HUUUGE mess of some kind. Here you see we narrowly avoided disaster. In this case I chose to take a picture instead of get upset, and talk to him about not clogging the drain with toilet paper. There was another time where he got my make up brushes and used the liquid handsoap to paint a masterpiece on the bathroom mirror. Didn't get a picture of that, but I still remember what a pain it was to clean up. He still to this day loves playing in the sink and making "potions" as he calls them. Here is to my creative, resourceful little Oliver, just barely two years old in these photos.

More to come in the next weeks!