Christmas Eve at the DHQ JR

I thought I'd better get Christmas up here before we get too far out. So we had just a lovely Christmas Eve. After Miri and Ollie and I spent some time at the WHQ (were I was still trying to get some gifts finished) we met back up with Kevin at home and got the fire going. I think. Did we got the the DHQ senior before we went home? I don't remember. I do remember how willing the children were to help with the cleaning up of the home so that Santa could find his way from the fireplace to the Christmas tree, heh, heh.
So with the generous donation of some Christmas flannel that Grandma J gave to me, I sewed some Christmas PJS for Kevin and the littles. Tons of fun, but took me long enough. I think I finished sewing the last stitches the Eve of Christmas Eve. Anyhoo, for some reason, Oliver felt it neccessary to open them around the kitchen table. Huh? Alright, whatever. Perhaps another tradition, eh? 

 And then came the crowning moment of singing Silent Night and putting our homemade Baby Jesus in his homemade cinnamon stick manger (Kevin's got lashing skill, yo). Both the children wanted to have a turn putting him in the manger, and they were so happy that he had a soft, cozy bed to sleep in--thanks to their acts of service and kindness throughout the month. (For each act of service or kindness, they got to place a piece of straw into his manger). You can see Oliver holding the "star" over the manger. :) It was a very lovely, peaceful Christmas Eve, and I hope these are the beginnings of some traditions for our little family for years to come.

Miri had to give the baby Jesus a kiss, but I missed it with the camera...

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