bringing in the new year with a post for last year

Happy New Year. Just wanted to post something, anything, really quickly, to get this (blog) party started, yeeeeaah! So Oliver was out of school and I decided we needed to DO something, so I took the children to see the Santa Claus at the University Mall. They were charging a hefty $25 or something for a photo with Santa, and no personal photography was permitted, so I didn't get a pic of Ollie on Santa's lap (and Miri would not be within 9 feet of the poor man) but I did get pictures of their chocolate sucker faces playing in the children's play area of the mall.

 Chocolate face:

 Miri has to try out every floor, no matter how dirty, hard, lumpy, or disgusting it might be. Oliver decided to join in and make some "floor" angels. There were snowflakes, after all, right? So I suppose it's not a huge stretch of the imagination...

 More chocolate face. I didn't have any wipes or tissues or anything.

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