festival of trees 2012

Ironically, we didn't get any real pictures of trees, we didn't really look at that many trees. Oliver enjoyed walking around the gingerbread village, and the Kids Corner is always were they want to be. Miriam had her fingernails painted for the first time in her life and was beyond the moon! They both talked to an elf on the phone. And best of all, it was really a great time this year going with cousins!

Goin' fishin:

GIANT BUBBLE! Miriam would NOT touch this with a 30 foot pole.

The adorability is hurting my eyes:

elf wand sword fight:
good cinnamon roll?

again, with the adorability and the eyes hurting...

Miriam was being a little mommy to Asher, telling him to take a drink and even trying to hold it up for him, silly girl. She also says, "when I grow up I'll be a little baby!"
Ring around the Roses:

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Maecy said...

Oh man those kids are cute! Can't believe how big Afton is either. Your little Miri is a doll! Abby misses Oliver. We'll have to do a visit sometime :)