Build and Grow at Lowe's

I lived in Orem close to 11 years, and 5 of them with children, and I frequented the Lowe's Home Improvement store for most of those years--for gardening supplies and most of my needs when it came to projects and home improvements. In all that time, I never knew about their free kids clinics on Saturdays. It took me moving two cities away to find out about them. In any case, we went to the three that they had leading up to Christmas (they built a christmas engine, coal car, and caboose). The kids get their own apron, goggles and building kits. And when they finish their item, they get a builder's patch to sew on their apron. Needless to say, Oliver has already misplaced all of the above items. Miriam still has her apron, goggles and a one patch, but we lost her entire train. sigh.

In any case, both Oliver and Miriam LOVED it, they can't wait to go to the next two coming up in January.


Kyle said...

This is awesome! I never knew about the free kids clinics either. Any chance they will let a 29 year old participate?

megan said...

LOL, I don't know, Kyle, I don't think they would really notice. Come join us next Saturday. :)