Kevin did all the hard work of measuring and figuring and cutting for this special quilt we made for him. It's a t-shirt quilt made from concert shirts, youth conference shirts, and other special memory shirts. So once the t-shirts were "retired", instead of sending them to d.i. or making rags out of them, or whatever, we made a cozy "memory" quilt. He had enough t-shirts for the front AND the back! I've included photos of both.

I had the easiest job of all, I just sewed the pieces together in rows. Kevin actually had them ready to be sewn for a year, maybe more, and I--like the procrastinator that I am--kept thinking it was a big, hard, time-consuming project, and so never did it. Turns out, it took me maybe an hour and a half on three separate mornings. Maybe. It may have been even less. Just goes to show me, if I just get going on something, it isn't half as difficult as I always imagine it to be! Mom did the awesome quilt meandering, doesn't it look fabulous? I can't wait for fall to snuggle up in it! Right now it is just to blazing hot!

And happy birthday to mom today!

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plugalong said...

Wow! That is really awesome! What a wonderful idea. Hey, maybe I ought to save the boys sports jerseys. Hmmm...