oh, yeah, that's why

I'm trying to get my painting area set up, and as I was getting my paints out, I saw this:

Oh, yeah! That's why it has taken me so long. I didn't dare get the paints out when I was trying to get pregnant, or when I was pregnant, for fear of doing Oliver some kind of harm. These last few months I've been cursing myself for not doing the painting before I had the baby, when I "had the time." The uninterrupted time. So actually, I don't have to kick myself as hard, because two of the three years were taken up trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, or having a newborn or whatnot. Yay! I'm not as much of a slacker as I thought. Well, technically, I could have used acrylics, but that still even made me nervous, and it wouldn't quite have the same "look" as the other portrait I did for the same family.

So, once I buy some odorless paint thinner, I think I can begin painting. Stay tuned.

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plugalong said...

Yay for getting to paint again! The only advise I have (not that you asked, I realize) is to accept beforehand that there will probably be interruptions at inopportune moments, but usually they can be worked around....:)