first day of painting

Woohoo! I started the underpainting, and in the process, wiped the drawing off. So I had to transfer the image again.
Then, I started painting. I ended up wiping the first bit of painting off and starting again, and in the process wiped the drawing of his face off. Sigh. But it's a start, eh?

This was actually first day of painting two days ago. Yesterday I had barely sat down to start painting, and the lawn people showed up and woke Oliver up. Curses! There is just no way around their blasted lawn-edger-chain-saw-horrible-baby-waking racket. I wish I knew when they were coming so I could plan to have Oliver take a nap at grandma's instead. Or something. Oh, well, hopefully they won't come as frequently in the fall or winter.


plugalong said...

Lookin' good! Could I have some of your motivation pleas? :)
It'll come, I know. Comes and goes....

megan said...

I only wish I had some motivation, too. Here I am playing on the computer, while the paint dries on the palette, piles and piles of laundry languish all over the closet floor, the dishes haven't been done in three days, and I'm supposed to go visiting teaching to all three sisters in a little over an hour. But hey, I guess I'm enjoying myself. ;)