the last of the chores

I know, it's getting kind of old, so I'm just going to post the rest of the batch now.
There are a few that are lost, like, "scrub tub" and the big "vacuum" (Ollie's toy vacuum actually does pick a tiny bit of dirt up, heh). And I realized I also don't have the big odious chores, like, "Clean Refrigerator" or "Clean Porch/Entryway/Door" or "Clean out and Vacuum and Wash Car." I suppose I have to break those big ones into little steps, too.


plugalong said...

Some of those jobs only need to be done once a month anyway, and others once or twice a week. I had to remind myself because the list seemed to be getting too long for a second there!

plugalong said...

Oh yes, and I would love some copies like you said you could do. Just let me know how much. I have a laminator, so I could do that here if you want!

millie's mother said...

yes, I would like copies of the chores. i could also take care of the laminating. i hope i can find some motivation from somewhere to keep things somewhat orderly in my home and this would really help.