back to doodling

Thought I'd get back to posting some doodles. This is the back of a Ward Directory that I was doodling on (yes, during church) in 2005. The ward is probably 70% different now then it was then. We were brainstorming ideas for cards to "announce" that we were expecting. It was before we knew we were having a boy or a girl. Ah, I was so innocent and idealistic then. Now I'm just jaded, so if I were to create a similar announcement card these days, it would probably be a lot different!

If I recall correctly, I think we went with the very last idea at the very bottom of the page. Heh. We're crazoweirdies. (For you, Mollie's mom, ala Nikki.)


plugalong said...

Did I see those announcements, because I think I remember them. The baby in the carraige is so cute!
I remember doodling all over the phone book when I was on the phone during high school. I've been known to do it at church too!

megan said...

yes, church used to be my best place for doodling--that was before I had a child. :)
I can't remember now who we gave the announcements to in the end. I think just the mom's, so it could be you saw the one I gave to mom?