trying to find new "clothes" for your blog

is so much easier and more satisfying than actually trying to find clothes for your own body. Wouldn't you agree? Perhaps part of it is the fact that it's pretty darn close to being free when you finally do decide. And then if you change your mind--say the template shrinks after a few washings, and it's just ill-fitting, or maybe you just are tired of looking at it and wearing it day after day, ill-fitting though it is--you can just go "shopping" again, and try a new style, color, and feel. Voila! A new you.

Maybe I should change my blog template every time I post. Though that might be confusing to you, my dear reader, not knowing what colors will assault your senses at any given time. Never knowing if this is megan's blog, or some stranger from half-way accross the world. Perhaps there is comfort and good in familiarity, after all.

If you haven't tried out Blogger's new "Page Elements" features, as I hadn't until just now, you should have a look at it, it's really nifty. And fun!

Have a fab day!


Amy said...

I like it! It's kind of like a cute, short haircut--refreshing, new, and not too frilly.

plugalong said...

I like it too. Especially the stripe at the bottom of the top.

inanechatter said...

Much easier than finding clothes for your body. Especially jeans. I haven't bought new jeans for a couple of years. First because I can't wear them to work and second because I have the hardest time finding ones I actually like. I'm afraid I'll need to soon. My favorite jeans are becoming thread bare. Sigh.

millie's mother said...

hi meg
i found your blog and wanted you to know i commented on your "have i failed you, ollie?" blog.