baby signs

Within the last week or two, Oliver has been using about six signs. The first one I recognized was when he was looking at Sandra Boynton's "but not the hippopotomus" board book. The second page is "a cat and two rats are trying on hats" and one day I looked over at him, his little legs crossed, sitting on the floor, book open to that page, patting his head. I immediately said, "That's right, hat!" And he's been signing "hat" like crazy ever since. He now consistently does the sign for ball, airplane, dog, and the sweetest of all is the sign for baby. Maybe we can get that one on video. I'm fairly certain he has been trying out the signs for "sand," "hot," "play." and "help." I'm just surprised that he has chosen some of those random ones, like "hat" and "baby" that I have shown probably only once or twice, and he has yet to do "eat" or "more" or "duck" which I have done probably a thousand times each. But it is so thrilling to me that when an airplane flys over, he will look into my eyes and sign "airplane" and I'll acknowledge it, he'll sign it a few more times and go on about his playing. We just had a "conversation" about an airplane! Amazing. Just amazing.
The picture is just after an airplane flew over head, and he just finished signing "airplane." It was actually a helicopter, I think, but I forgot what the sign for "helicopter" is, and I think it might be confusing to him anyway.


plugalong said...

That is so cool. I hadn't ever heard of baby signing until the last couple of years. It seems it would be especially helpful if they could sign 'hungry' or 'food' and 'tired' or 'sleep'. Adria used to point to the kitchen sink when she wanted a drink or a bottle, that was great too.
Wonderful photograph!

micquel said...

That's really awesome! Ah, the power of communication.

Also love the photo, looks like a blustery day.

Cathie said...

Too cool!!! Alan's baby, Calvin, has learned to sign. It is amazing how much he could communicate before he was able to talk. He is nearly 2 1/2 now, so is is talking alot now. I think it really helped his language development to be able to communicate before his verbal skills caught up with his cognitave abilities. Watch the mail. I have an idea for you.

megan said...

Oh, my goodness, I'm so embarrassed I didn't see your comment until last night! See you DID tell me to watch the mail. Sorry I'm such a goofball.

We've really enjoyed the movie and book so far. Thank you so much, again!