Look closely.

We now have teeth. Oh, the terror it strikes deep in my heart. I've already been bitten. Twice. Right where one would imagine to be probably the most tender part of the female body (nipples. pardon the inappropriateness of such a subject). I've also been bitten on my neck meat. Twice. Both times I screamed, and he thought it was the funniest joke ever. So I don't know what to do. I even gave him a bottle last night for fear of the teeth.

In other news, I finished Tye's bonnet just in time for the shower. Here it is before I applied the gigantic silk ribbon bows, which make the bonnet so darling and vintage, in my opinion, but so impractical, too, so if Tye ever needs to remove them, that's totally cool, she has my blessing. I don't have a picture with the bows, sorry.

And here is my second attempt at fortune cookies. What a disaster. I wonder if it is because some egg yolk got in with the egg whites or something? I'll have to keep practising so I can get it right in time for Mindy's wedding. I left the cocoa out with the first few, and, um, not so good. I guess you'll have to settle for the chocolate fortune cookies at your wedding mindy, unless I can figure it out before then.

And lastly, here is an advertisement I've been working on for Nu Skin. Funnest project I have ever done for them.


plugalong said...

Lovely! Teeth. Have you tried a spank in reaction to the bite? I know it might be hard, but it worked on most of my children (and some of Mom's I believe). The hat is so cute! Was it fun? It looks like it would be interesting to watch the pattern develop. Wish we could see the bows too(maybe Nikki could pass on the idea to Tye?). I can't believe how grown up Oliver is! Has it been that long since we saw you all?

plugalong said...

Oh, and I love the ad!

micquel said...

The add is amazing. I, like Kidzdilemmas, think that you are a great artist. Too true. cute bonnet, too. I'm excited to see it on the child in question.

Ken Chandler said...

You're baby is very handsome, but those teeth... those have to go. :)
The NuSkin Ad is really cute. A really terrific illustration. Post more if you're able. I love good art.