How true, how true.

Don't know what to say about this picture of post-it notes, just that it's kind of appropriate for some of my issues the last little while.

Perhaps I'll be brave and share with you all some of my progress in my next post. I only say "brave" because to illustrate the progress I have to expose one of my embarrassing weaknesses. You know, that weakness that the post-it notes refer to so delicately--being "organizationally challenged."


The Moody Tree said...

oh megan! I was looking at old posts on my blog-- and saw the one of ollie and aspen. it's been sooo long since I've talked to you. so I wanted to check out your blog. I hope things are going well. I was scrolling down your blog and saw that you have been through a rough time. Let me just first of all say. "I AM SORRY" & honey, I was diagnosed w/ depression & anxiety in jr. high. most of my life I have struggled w/ this burden. (I know "big surprise", I am really vocal about my feelings & anxiety- you know that) I am sooo glad to see that you are talking about it. It is the best medicine. I can't seem to find your #. but if you would like to call me or email me sometime. I would love to tell you my experience, and my coping mechanisms. YOU WILL get through this. I PROMISE you. if you desire to be happy- it can happen. ps. I've been reading that oprah club book "a new earth" it is amazing. and may help. I will say a PRAYER for you. luvs. vanessa moody

The Moody Tree said...

ps. I just saw someone's comment on the therapist- jason conover. He was totally my therapist when I was in jr high/ high school. He changed my life!!! he does child behavior therapy too.

Beth said...

Honesty is so freeing. So, lay it all out for us.
Like, I'm obsessed with my weight and I actually want people to know that I hit 195 lbs. the day I delivered my baby, and that I'm still 170 lbs., and that even at my skinniest I'm 145 lbs. For some reason I feel like if I put it out there I can get past it.