if you ever wondered

Thanks for the responses, everyone. I was surprised people are still coming back after so long, and so helpful even though I am so neglectful as far as commenting on others blogs. I'm getting help, hopefully. I still would like to find a psychiatrist, but apparently there really aren't any in Utah county. Or they're all in hiding or something. Heh.

Anyway, if you ever wondered if you had post-partum depression, if you read this book and it sounds familiar, then you can answer yes. (Well, other than the being famous and gorgeous part of it, of course--her descriptions of her experiences rang all too true for me.) Unfortunately, I waited way to long to read it, I perhaps could have saved myself and Kevin and Oliver a few years of misery had I read it sooner. Ironically, when it came out I was in the very thick of it, and didn't even realize it.


plugalong said...

I saw her on a talk show kind of a long time ago discussing her experience in postpartum.

After Adria I felt listless and separated kind of. I don't remember much with the boys except talking about it after one of them and realizing that I had probably had postpartum after almost every one. I think a big factor for me is getting enough sleep though.

Melanie said...

I meant to respond to your initial post, but I'll do it here.

When I was going through the process of deciding whether or not to get divorced, and the divorce process itself, I went to a wonderful therapist. His name was Jason Conover and his office was down in the building just north of the hospital. I don't know if he still practices down there, but I would recommend him to anyone.