it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.*edit

It's getting to be that time of year again. So I thought I would post this for easy family reference. Here is what we figured out for the rotation in 2007 (this year. hee.)

Mark has Monica
Kurt has Megan
Jedd has Melanie
Monica has Mindy
Megan has Micquel
Dal has Kyle
Melanie has Mark
Kyle has Dal
Mindy has Kurt
Micquel has Jedd

*Edit: I just realized how very rude it was for me to exlude two very important members of the Walker family. So here they are included in the Walker Family Gift Exchange as it should have been from the beginning! I'm truly sorry, and hope no feelings were hurt!

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inanechatter said...

Thanks for the reminder, plus now when we come upon next year we'll remember for sure who had whom because we can look it up ;) I like your graphic, it even looks like your handwriting, it's pretty sweet that you can do that