has anybody here seen kelly?

I don't know why I used that title, the quote just popped into my head and got stuck there. So. There you go.

Actually I was wondering if anybody that reads this blog is familiar with ftp sites and how they work and how one would go about setting one up and how much something like that would cost and that sort of thing. (<---Run-on sentence!) As cute as it is, it would be nice not to have to don this uniform anymore.

I think I may have a great opportunity to quit Macey's and work with a lovely former college classmate of mine at her very own scrapbooking company, and as she is all the way in Panguitch, Utah, we were thinking an ftp site might be the way to go. So if anyone can send me in the right direction for getting something like that set up, I would totally owe you. Like a painting, or a handmade book, or something of your choosing.

Lot's of love,


I'm not much of a scrapbooker. Nevertheless, I love her patterns. Check them out here: collagepress. It's just a little depressing to see that all my classmates have gone on to illustrate books and start companies and have kids and etc and here I am working in a grocery store. Wouldn't you know, two of my classmates have come through my line at macey's. I'm having a bit of a difficult time dealing with it right now.


plugalong said...

I don't know anything about ftp, but I wish you all the luck. In fact, right now I am going to see if I can google that just to see what it is!

I think it is great you were working at Macey's. But I can understand wanting to do something else. Goot job!

plugalong said...

I found this site, it has a list of FTP carriers (?best term I could think of), that cost from 6-10 dollhairs. And looks like it might walk you through stuff....

Melanie said...

I am pretty familiar with the FTP process. Send me an email and I'll see if I can help you figure it out.


megan said...

thanks for the help ladies. We may be able to get by with Kevin's work website, but I still need to understand how to do it, so I'll be getting in touch with you melanie.
Thanks again!