anyone know

anyone know a good remedy for maple syrup on sand-colored berber carpet? Sigh. I give up.


Amy said...

Lots and lots of water?

My husband just spontaneously bought a $43 bottle of cleaner at work the other day. I know, weird that a husband would spontaneously buy anything at work, much less a household cleaner. I can check it to see if it has a recommendation for use on carpets.

megan said...

Whoah, that is really an uncommon occurence, I should think. The maple syrup has sunk in and dried into a lovely crusty spot, so I'm guessing it is going to take a lot of water. Or maybe I'll just leave it and find a rug to put over it. tee, hee.

Mark said...

I'd figure hot water should do the trick. Sugar dissolves pretty reasonably. If that fails, then steam.