painting progress

Okay, so this is kind of cheating, because this is progress I made before I burned out and Oliver's sleep went haywire again. But it is progress nonetheless, and I am hereby posting it as such to keep my promise. (Cheater!)

Also, this is more for me than anyone else, since I still haven't gotten a baby book together, I just want to post the latest news on Oliver, so at least it will be recorded somewhere. He is now officially a toddler. On Saturday last week (Aug. 12) he just stood up walked toward kevin in the kitchen, then quickly fell, but about 20 minutes later, he picked a book of the bookshelf, and I said, "go take that book to Dad so he can read it to you." And that's exactly what he did. Both times he walked about a yard. What a sight to see your baby up and walking! It's strange and wonderful and scary and exciting. He didn't do it anymore until Monday, and since Monday he's been walking all over the place. He falls A LOT, and I think it is quite frustrating for him, but he is getting better and better at it. I feel a little jipped, in a way, though, because I remember younger siblings and neices and nephews walking between parents or two people back and forth, you know, with applauding audiences and whatnot. But Oliver hasn't ever really done that, he has nearly always walked AWAY from me or Kevin, almost like, "I've got things to do, people. I've just been holding back on you, I've been able to walk for this whole time, I just chose not to. What's all the fuss about, anyway?" Heh.

He also bites and hits and pinches and throws things, among which are tantrums. I have no idea what to do about any of those things.
And he is currently (as I type) refusing to take a nap. Aaargh. So this is it. I can't help myself from thinking, "so, this is it. This is your life. This is what you've been preparing (supposedly) yourself for for however many years, it was always in the future, just an imagining. And now here you are. This is it."


plugalong said...

Wow! He's really coming alive. I looked back to your previous progress report and compared. It is suprising that some not so obvious touches make such a big difference.

plugalong said...

Hooray for walking babies. Mostly.