he sleeps folded in half

It can't be good, but if I try to move him, lay him out flat, he just wakes up and we start all over again. Right now he is sleeping with his forehead on top of the bumper pad, with both hands on the railing above the bumper pad. Like a poor little jail bird! Here is a sketch of him and his little bear, all folded in half. Can it be good? It just can't be good. What should I do?

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plugalong said...

I love that drawing! Ah sleeping babies, they put me to sleep (for example nap time, half the time I would end up napping too,even when they were a bit older).

Sometimes I've found if I wait until their deep asleep then I can move them, but not always. Such a dilemma. I suppose he's probably fine that way if his feet won't fall asleep. Babies really are flexible, and if it was extremely uncomfortable he wouldn't stay that way (you would think?).