Miriam Rose Duncan
born November 15, 2009
12:43 a.m.
10 lbs.
21 inches
not a lot of hair, but not bald, either
chubby, chubby cheeks and a double chin
We're all doing really well (if a little tired), and are so happy to finally have our baby sister here in our arms.

I do believe Melanie is the winner and I will be in contact with you, Melanie, to work out the details of your hat. :)

Heh, heh, I was the furthest off on absolutely everything. Heh. Nobody guessed anything above or below the 8 lb range, which I find terribly amusing (especially my wishful guess, HAH!) Anyway, thanks for not guessing 10 lbs, even though that's what she came out being. It really was so nice of you all, and I appreciated not getting the "YOU look like you're going to POP!" comments from any of you. You guys are truly the best family EVER!

I've never had problems uploading photos to blogger, but there is some kind of error. I'll try one more time, but you guys may have to wait for photos. Sorry!


Melanie said...

YAY!! Congratulations, Megan! (And Kevin & Oliver) So excited for you guys!

smellame said...

Yes, I love being the winner. I feel very proud of myself because I must be some kind of a genius or something! I think I had overlooked that there was a prize involoved, so that is exciting too! I must say that it's probably good I can't get my own self to your house or I would have already made a nuisance out of myself by stopping by much to much to soon.

plugalong said...

I just read the guesses on your previous post. lol! Love it. Good job Melanie.

Wellness Group said...

Congrats Megan! Where's the pictures? Too sleep deprived to find the time? That's okay, we'll wait for you :) Hope things are going well with the new baby and adjusting to it well.