Things to do before I die

Things to do before I die, preferably before I'm 65 years old:

• Amanda and Jared's portrait (this could be portraitS if I could just get the first one done. That they've been waiting 5 years for. Ugh. I actually felt physically nauseated typing that.)

• Illustrations for Marci's two darling toddler stories.

• Mom's painting that Dad commissioned not last Christmas but the Christmas before that.

• Cathie's Halloween book scanned and cleaned up and typeset and set to go at

ª Hi-D and Dal's announcement and thank you card finished and sent to print.

• Murals in Monica's kids rooms.

• Melanie's logo. (Don't worry, Melanie, I'm getting to it this week. It won't be five years, I promise!)

• And if I could finish all that, then maybe I could actually agree to do the illustrations that Maecy asked if I would like to do--which I would really love to do, unless she has found someone else already.

And so what I don't get, is, I love painting and drawing and crafting, etc. But dang it, why can't I get these things done? It's because there is no time! Where is the time? I just don't get how people do all that they do, and still sleep and have time to watch movies or go to events.


Melanie said...

Don't worry, Megan. I've been in precisely the same place. Inspired, motivated, and completely without the time to complete anything. I'm not stressed about the cupcake.


Though I AM concocting a recipe to make for your payment. :)

mangalover said...

=D I never finish things i start either. I'll start it having a ton of fun, and then i just don't feel like finishing. everyone probably does that sometimes. dont worry about it to much and it's easier.

Beth said...

amen. how does ANYTHING get done in the world? well, it's not getting done by me.

plugalong said...

Good job with your list! I keep forgetting what I even need to do!