Happy birthday to me again. Durr, the thing about birthdays, is they comes once a year, innit?

And happy birthday to my blog.

Wow, it's been a year. And boy howdy has it ever been a year for me.

Here is a little montage. It's probably overkill, but hey, it IS my birthday after all. I can overindulge this once, eh?


Mark said...

Happy Birthday!

Yes, Cathie's emergency preparedness made our friends jealous. :)

megan said...


Glad to hear things worked out okay for you!

plugalong said...

That is awesome! How'd you do dat? I hope your day was wonderful.

Penelope Crackers said...

Happy Naked Day! I have a hand-painted Birthday card from you hubby that says that on it. He painted a picture of a skate boarder on it doing a trick. Pretty cool. It was so nice seeing you at Christmas. Hope you had a super duper day!