Perhaps I'm back

Life is so much better when a person can actually sleep. I thank heaven every single day, nay, three times a day, every time I put Oliver in his crib and he goes to sleep. I ran through the gamut of sleep training books and methods, and ended up with the best (in my opinion) method of all. Actually, it is Kim West (The Sleep Lady) that I should thank. She has really figured out the best, gentlest way to help everyone in the family to sleep. Ah, sleep. It makes everyone happy. I've gone from being in survival mode, and barely surviving at that, to actually enjoying being with my little one all day. I knew something had to give when I was swearing at my poor little baby to shut-up and go to sleep, already! at 2 am. I was in hysterics almost every night. The Sleep Lady Shuffle was the answer. It took just a few weeks, which is really quite quick when I consider the preceding 2 to 3 months of hell that we lived through. In any case, I know we will still have our nights, still have our days, our moments, but we will now be able to face them and cope with them. :) There is my shout-out to Kim West. Thank you, Kim!

So, there you have it. I even felt well enough to get going on the pantry. Which, I know, BORING. But it feels good to have it accomplished, it was getting to me so much before. Here is what I had been living with for the last, well, let's say 3 years:
It was beginning to be dangerous, what with a little one roaming about. I couldn't even close the doors.
Now, here it is:

I was actually able to fit a bunch of stuff in there that was previously on the floor and countertops and in another cupboard. And I can actually close the doors. We'll see how long it lasts, but I think it will only need a few minor adjustments before we hit on the right organization for such a utilized area. It really doesn't look that much different, but it really is quite a distinct change for me.

Anyway, I think I'm feeling well enough to actually be able to tackle those paintings!

Thanks for checking back, Monica!


plugalong said...

I have to admit I don't consider the reorganized pantry as boring, I can get so involved in stuff like that and feel so refreshed with the result afterward. Yay for the sleep! The little sisters will know who to ask for ideas when they go throught that stage someday.

inanechatter said...

Amazing pantry. Very organized. I wish I was as organized. I try to organize things sometimes but I get tired and give up and just end up shoving things anywhere I can. Glad your back. It's amazing what sleep does for a person. I don't know how insomniacs can go with out sleep so often and still seem like pretty sane people

megan said...

thanks for reading guys. Yes, it is very refreshing, plugalong. :) We'll see how long it lasts.

are you commenting all the way from thailand, inanechatter?

micquel said...

Yay! you're back! Mmm...organizing things gives me the biggest sense of accomplishment, it's so refreshing. That pantry looks amazing.

Blog, away, my firend.

kidzdilemmas said...

yay your back! I like is kind of satisfying. Too bad when I organize, it lasts a day and then it is messy again.

micquel said...

my last comment was supposed to say friend, but firend works, too, right?

megan said...

firend totally works. heh. It's like you're spelling it how you would say it with emphasis.

micquel said...

yes, yes, that's exactly what I meant, emphasis. That's right, you are my firend, fo' sho'.

(I apologize for trying to use ebonics in your blog comments.)