my resolutions are AWESOME!

I intend on getting an early start--especially with number two.

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet pony

2) Eat more nuts

3) Travel to Holland

4) Study fashion design

5) Get in shape with midget tossing


micquel said...

My favorite is number 5. I think that midget tossing is a very, very good tactic to get in shape and intend to adapt it into my schedule for this year. Awesome indeed. woot.

megan said...

yes, midget tossing is always a good idea. Time to get Oliver some padding and a helmet. Let the games begin! Not really. I leave the baby tossing to parents with more confidence and skill than I have. (Don't you just love it when people type "than" when they mean "then" and then type "then" when they really mean "than?" I do. It's my favorite thing.)

Really, though, you should never toss a midget. He might land on his head and turn into seven more midgets.